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Welcome to Quilting Quest your online quilting resource for How to Quilt

We aim to provide advice about all aspects of quilting. We share advice, information and quilting patterns and welcome you to join in with us. Our resources are excellent to help you develop your quilting skills, and we welcome quilting beginners , people with  intermediate skills and experts.What is Quilting

What is Quilting?

Quilting can mean two separate things. It is either the process of making a quilt or the process of joining padded material together to make a thicker section of quilted material. Learning how to quilt can be a challenge without the right guidance.

Learning how to quilt can be fun and rewarding, especially when you know the “Quilting Made Simple secrets” and shortcuts to make your beginning quilting experience more fun.

The process contains certain phases and we shall help and teach you, each and every step of the quilting process. The main phases of making a quilt are : Designing your quilt (which includes quilting patterns) Piecing  (the process of choosing which materials go well with each other) Appliqué which is the area when we create the quilt (we will help improve your needle work skills) and the final phase of quilting is the binding phase, this section explores helpful tips to improve your binding skills so that the quilts you create look fabulous.

Most modern quilting uses three layers of material (normally padded) we will help you to choose good top fabric, suitable batting or internal insulation and the bottom layer which is known as the backing layer. Our online resources will definitely help even a total beginner improve the patchwork quilts you design and lovingly create.aspect of making a quilt


Quilting Quest aims to help and teach how to quilt and all about every aspect of making a quilt. Don’t worry if you do not know the difference between a straight stitch, a running stitch or a cross stitch or have being making fabulous quilted patterns for years, as a community of  enthusiastic quilters we want to share and develop everyone’s skills.

Many of our community love creating both functional quilts and elaborate and purely decoration al patterns, designs and high quality quilts. To learn more about quilting Contact Us Today!

What do I need to start Quilting?

Quilting requires very little in up front resources, in fact many of our community simply use a needle and thread. Below are some simple and fairly inexpensive materials that will help you get started on the path to creating beautiful, hand made quilts.

The easiest and cheapest method to get started on quilting and designing quilting patterns is simply a needle and thread. This method is known as hand quilting. Many of our community use this method as a sensible way of beginning. Lots of people find this very Quilting Blockstherapeutic but I  would also recommend that you use a a quilting hoop or frame as this will help to hold the material in place and makes the whole process much simpler and less time consuming. The whole quilt is stitched by hand ensuring that all layers are sewn together.

There are many types of stitch that can be used and we will show you each in turn. The most common stitches for hand quilting are the stabbing stitch, the rocking stitch and the loading the needle stitch method. Each kind of stitching used can be found here.

The second method for starting quilting and designing  amazing patchwork quilts is by using a sewing machine or the longarm sewing machine. For the first method, each patch of the quilt is sewn together and the patches are held together by using pins or tacking, allot of our members enjoy this method as it easy to start at home and requires no additional equipment. The Longarm sewing method is often used by professional sewing companies. Long arm sewing machines can often be rented from specialist sewing and tailoring shops.

To learn more about Custom Longarm Quilting Contact Us Today

Before you learn how to quilt, keep one important thing in mind: there are few absolute rules that must be followed. We go though  many instructions  here and thought our site and course.  Where we  simplify the  guidelines that help get beginning quilters off to a good start . With easy how to quilt as you go step by step instructions


Quilting Patternsl-quilting

One of the fundamental requirements of our community is beautiful quilting patterns, we actively share beautiful patchwork quilt patterns, that you can copy and use in your own home. We also actively encourage our community members to share their wonderful designs.

Many new quilters really enjoy finding unique and interesting patterns that can be used to help them go from quilting for beginners to intermediate and finally experts. We love helping our community to develop the eye for good design, combined with super enthusiasm and excellent needle work skills.

Our community has also shared patchwork quilt patterns that are perfect for functional use in the bedroom, where thicker batting is used to help the quilt that you designed, provide extra insulation and comfort.

We offer custom designed Longarm quilting design patterns, which are fully free style and hand crafted  and have no computer assistance. These fabulous designs are prefect for both functional quilts and highly decorative patchwork quilts. And for those who just want to learn how to quilt with a  longarm quilting machine

Other  Quilting Services We Offer

We can also custom design, make and deliver extremely high quality quilts, using are Longarm Machine. We try our utmost to ensure that the highest levels of pride and needle work goes into your custom made quilt.

Our experts will put the same level of loving care into making your quilt as they would with their own beautiful quilts.  This ensures that all of are custom made patchwork quilts are as wrinkle free as possible and will last the test of time.

We offer a selection of batting and backing layer options so that your lovingly custom made quilt looks fabulous. If no backing fabric is supplied we can offer you a choice of highly popular materials and designs including, Muslin…Plain, Pieced cotton, White Coloured, or Patterned.

For more information on Quilting and Quilting Patterns click here 

For more information on our custom design and manufacture of your quilt please

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Quilting for beginners

Quilting is a wonderful activity for presenting your inner creativity and design capabilities. Even if you can hardly sew a switch, it can, like anything else, be mastered over time. Discovering quilting for beginners is worth the time and financial investment.

Hey you may even be known for your abilities in making colorful, exquisite products that you could either choose to keep, sell at craft fairs or surprise that unique somebody with. But just what should you do if you are not quite at the creative level where you desire to be, yet like quilting? The good news is that there are several resources on quilting for beginners on this website.

Therefore, do not anguish if you have the desire to quilt yet still have to hone your capabilities a bit! We could assist with our quilting for beginners course “Quilting Made Simple”.

Quilting for beginners is not an impossible task, if you understand the right way to begin. Something you will certainly want to do before even buying any type of materials is to know just what you need.

We will make it easier for you to understand the fundamentals and give you a few suggestions. You can get instructions on the best ways to quilt so that you recognize the basic steps to making your very first quilt right here. These are detailed instructions that are fantastic for the beginning quilter and will certainly make it extremely easy for you to get your very first quilt done.

If you would like to learn how to quilt and make your own quilt. We offer a Quilting for Beginners step-by-step video course. Come check it out today at:

”Quilting Made Simple”


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