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A baby quilt can be the perfect gift for the special newborn you love.Some Baby Quilts Patterns are so beautiful.  A small quilt can be quick and easy to make. They are unique, personal gifts. Handmade quilts are cozy, warm and cuddly. Babies love them, and mothers appreciate the work that is involved when making a quilt.

When baby grows, the quilt will become a keepsake. A baby quilt can be used as a wallhanging or it can be stored to be handed down to the next generation.

Evolution of Baby Quilts Patterns
Baby Quilts Patterns

Quilts made for babies have evolved during the past two centuries. In the nineteenth century, quilts made for cradles and cribs used to be “miniature adult quilts”, that is, they were made with the same fabrics and patterns as their large size counterparts.

The beginning of the twentieth century that brought a change in views regarding child rearing, and the arrival of fabrics in pastel colors with prints suitable for babies and young children changed baby quilt designs. During the 1930’s, fabric in pastel colors became fashionable. Quilts with embroidered animals or nursery rhyme characters became popular, as well as the well known and loved Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam appliquéd and embroidered quilt blocks.

Plan Ahead

Some important considerations when planning a baby quilt are the following:

-Size: Will the quilt be used in a cradle or a crib? Any size between 36″ x 36″ and 36″ x 45″ or even slightly larger is considered a suitable size for a quilt intended for baby or a young child.

-Laundering: A quilt used by a baby will be washed quite often. Before you even start cutting the pieces, pre-wash all the fabrics you will use to be sure they are colorfast and to remove the fabric sizing.

It might be a good idea to attach a label with wash care instructions to the quilt when it is finished. Buying a good quality cotton fabric will ensure that the quilt will last well after baby has outgrown it.

-Sturdy construction: Machine piecing is a good idea when sewing quilt tops for babies. An adequate amount of quilting whether by hand or machine is also necessary to keep the batting from bunching or shifting after repeated washings.

-Natural fibers: As a rule of thumb, 100% cotton fabric is preferred for quilt making. A lightweight cotton batting is soft, becomes softer with repeated washings and dries fast, making it perfect for Baby Quilts . Cotton flannel is very suitable as backing fabric.

-Well executed binding: The quilt binding will suffer more wear and tear than any other part of the quilt during its lifetime. Do not skip time and effort while binding the quilt. Make double bias binding tape, stitch it down either by hand or machine. Tack down the corner folds by hand.

-Saving a few pieces of the fabric used when making a quilt is a good idea since repairs might be necessary after a few years of use. If the baby quilt is a gift, make a small fabric bag and enclose the fabric pieces. Give it to mommy along with the quilt.

Choose your Approach

Quilts for babies and young children can be pieced, appliquéd, embroidered or a combination of all three. It is really a matter of personal choice and skill.

Simple pieced patterns in either pastel or bright colors are always a favorite: four patch, nine patch, bow-tie, log cabin variations (rail fence), pinwheels or simple star patterns. They can be pieced together with or without lattices and borders. Remember to keep the block size in proportion with the size of the quilt; a thirty-six inch square quilt will need small pieced blocks, no larger than eight inches to keep the quilt design balanced. You can use larger blocks, up to twelve inches if you piece a larger quilt top. The large variety of printed cottons with motifs for babies and children available will make even the simplest of blocks come alive.

If you choose to appliqué your blocks, there are lots of simple designs that are perfect for a quilt intended for a baby: teddy bears, zoo or barnyard animals; airplanes, sailboats or trains for boys and simple flowers, butterflies, hearts or Sunbonnet Sue for girls. Whichever appliqué design you pick for your quilt, it’s a good idea to machine stitch the edges of the appliqué pieces to the quilt block.  A close zigzag machine stitch or an invisible machine appliqué stitch will prevent fraying and add durability. If you appliqué your blocks by hand, reinforce all points and inner corners and keep your stitches very close together to avoid fraying.

Creative Ideas

Simple line designs taken from coloring books or children’s designs from embroidery transfer sheets can be embroidered onto plain blocks and joined together with lattices and cornerstones for a baby quilt with a vintage feel. They can be transferred to fabric by ironing the design on or tracing it with pencil or washable marker.

Rag quilts made with flannel are a great alternative to more traditional quilt designs for young children or babies. They have become very popular in the last few years. Cotton flannel is very soft and warm, making it a great choice for this type of quilt. Rag quilts are very easy to stitch together, as there is no need to baste the three layers (top, batting, backing), since the blocks are individually quilted and sewn together by machine.

Make your Baby Quilt a Keepsake

Don’t forget to attach a label to the back of the quilt, writing the date, your name and the name of baby the quilt was made for. Use a permanent acid free ink pen or a simple embroidery stitch, such as stem or outline stitch.


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