"Modern Women Discover The Thread That Gave Strength And Voice To Generations Of Women… More Today Than Ever Before!"


As a “modern woman,” I’ve seen the roles of women shift and change dramatically. Often, when changes happen so quickly, we tend to disregard the values of the generations before us. Yet often they already knew what we are only now discovering! If only I’d asked!!

 One of the discoveries more and more women are embracing is Quilting, and this page is  about the modern “Quilting Quest” that I and thousands of other women are rediscovering  today.

If you’ve always associated quilting with “little old ladies,” be prepared to be shocked at what we were never taught about in school, and the incredible significance quilting represents to every woman today — in fact, many of the societal advances made over the last 100 years –for women AND men — may have never come about as quickly if not for women stitching quilts! To show you what I mean,

I have to tell you a bit about my own grandmother “Grand.”

As a young girl I loved visiting my Grand, and one of my earliest memories is snuggling up with an old satin quilt in her bed. To me it was the plushest, most elegant thing I had ever seen.

The best kind of sleep beneath Heaven above, is under a quilt, handmade with love.

 Blankets wrapI still have it today, draped over Grand’s cedar bridal chest, and it still makes me feel loved and special and fills me with memories of our time together.

“I have a quilt that my grandmother gave me as a wedding gift 24 years ago. All of my married life it has been like getting a hug from grandma just to hold it. I’ve always felt that a quilt (blanket) should be used, loved, and worn out.”

I learned quilting from Grand the way women handed it down for hundreds of years:  organically, bit by bit.  My Grand loved quilting with her lady friends, sometimes two or three times a week. When I got to go with I never felt “babysat.”  I was part of her world, of her circle of friends!  We chatted together, they let me cut squares of cloth and later let me join in the needlework with them… easy enough for even a small girl.  I treasured our time together, and our quilting was an invaluable experience we shared.

While learning this way is wonderful,  in today’s world we don’t have years to spend learning new techniques and skills.  We want — no we NEED — information that is specific, detailed enough to use, and can be absorbed quickly.  As I’ll share with you in a few moments, these are the reasons that later inspired me to create possibly the FASTEST way to learn this amazing skill: my Quilting Made Simple! Video Training Series.

Quilting For Today’s Woman… And A Powerful Legacy For Our Daughters And Granddaughters


My mother was an early career woman, and she inspired me with her own successes.  She managed to juggle home and family with a career she enjoyed better than anyone I know.  But Mom had no interest in quilting.  For her it was just as well to buy a ready-made quilt or bedspread than spend the time to make it… maybe better.  Taking the time to make a gift for someone?  For her it wasn’t about the personal nature of the gift, but more the business of trading time for money.  “Let’s just buy her something she’ll like and move on,” she would say.  Frankly, even though my experiences with Grand had opened my eyes to the value of slowing down, clearing my head, letting my creative juices free to create something of beauty, purpose and value, I still struggled with the dollar value of my time vs. the quality, the many values I received.  As I grew into a woman with a career of my own, I forgot.  I even began somehow identifying quilting with something older women did more than “modern” women.

Sometimes it seems we’ve brown-mini lost the kind of deep, daily connection with our fore-mothers and their legacy for us today.

Most history and ancestry sites don’t help us connect with our female ancestors — they are all written in a patriarchal way, often with the women as footnotes.  How much about me will my granddaughters know about or remember?  My job?  My awards and accomplishments?  The dates of my birth, marriage, death?

How do we pass our life experiences, your wit, your passions, your personality, the joys and pains of your life?  Can these qualities be passed down as a legacy to the girls and women who come after you?

For my Grand, every patch of fabric on every quilt she’d ever made carried the story of her life and those of others in our family. These were what she passed on to me.  As we spent time quilting together she’d enfold me in yet another part of our family history and love:

Here was a piece of her sister Jane’s dress, the one she wore as a suffragette marching so women could vote, right next to a patch from Jane’s husband Uncle Ted, who finally gave up and accepted his wife’s political passions.  Here was a section from Gramps’ uniform in the World War.  There was a piece of a seed bag, the kind she used in the “Depression Quilts” she stitched and sold to feed her children.  Another swatch was part of her overalls from her job at a shipyard during the war.  And here was a patch from my own mother’s cradle cover and next to it, a piece of her graduation gown.  I learned more details about my family history and heritage through Grand’s quilts than any other way, details that would have never been passed along otherwise.

Had it not been for my Grand, I would have never had this direct connection to my heritage… not just within my family, but as a woman. And this part of our history and skill would have been lost to my daughters, and their children as well.

“My mother, grandmother, and sister made me a quilt for my high school graduation. It has a piece of writing and artwork from each year of school embroidered on quilting blocks, in my handwriting. It tells a story of who I am and how I became the person I am now.”

Grand knew that every quilt told a story… and memorialized that story as part of its very fiber.  But she also understood the greater importance of how for centuries quilting gave women a dignified way to create heirlooms of value, that could be passed generation to generation.

In a day and time when few women held jobs or even the chance at an education, a quilt was one of the few activities a woman could do that held high value and could earn money for her family, and expressed her voice and viewpoints.  Even today, women everywhere increasingly are discovering that quilting gives us a refreshing break from day to day stresses and chores, a chance to get together with friends and an outlet for your own creativity.  Fortunately, it is easier and faster today to learn the craft, and modern developments (like gluesticks and preset stitches!) have made the entire process easier from start to finish .

high school graduation

What About Men



A big part of the growing surge in quilting’s popularity is largely due to people embracing the art who don’t fit the “typical” stereotypes.  In addition to thousands of younger women and career women, this includes increasing numbers of men, including surprisingly 20-somethings!  Changing attitudes about “manliness” and masculinity have broadened the opportunities for men to explore new areas of expression.

I have more and more men who show up at my Quilting Made Simple! Workshops and some have even enter their beautiful quilts in craft shows and competitions. While there have always been men who quilted, the surge in interest has resulted in unique quilting groups springing up with fun names like the Montana Men Quilters, Manquilters and Quilt Guys.

1902771_10203234514083033_736149457_nToday there are even shows and expositions with names like the Man-Made Quilt Show, Material Men and 4 Guys & Their Quilts and more, all highlighting male quilters.

I LOVE the fact that more and more men are getting involved in quilting and taking my training! It offers them a new way to discover areas of creativity in their own lives… and one more way to pass to our daughters and granddaughters (and sons and grandsons!) this great pastime and incredible heritage we all share!


Because quilts could be made with her own hands and with items every woman had at hand, quilts tell us more about their creator than any other heirloom item. They reveal the creativity and genius, the personality and persistence, and the enduring legacy of millions of strong women in our past.

Steps For Making A Quilting Block2An Amish woman could create and give a lovingly-stitched quilt to a friend celebrating a birth or marriage. An immigrant woman in New York could feed her family by crafting quilts and sell them for more than she could earn in a sweatshop at the time. A prairie wife could use quilting to decorate her home and keep her children warm. In the South, a slave could create an item of value that they owned, and could sell, in some cases earning their freedom. In our Civil War a quilter could make sure her son was kept warm with a comforting reminder of his home, or join other women in a “quilting bee” to make quilts to comfort other troops suffering from the cold far from home.

Quilting has always been about giving a part of yourself, your time, your patience and love… all things you cannot buy. No wonder more women than ever are rediscovering the deep value of quilting, and how much we need the connections it offers.

Just visit a quilting club or guild in your town and prepare to be shocked to find executive women, business owners , society women, married, single and divorced, from all walks of life. Today, women are REDISCOVERING Quilting in huge numbers, finding it fills an emotional and creative void like no hobby or other pastime, and has values beyond money!

INCREDIBLE New Quilting Art is being created by women of all ages internationally who quilt. Major shows and expositions have been held at museums nationwide… demonstrating how amazing quilting can transform a wall, just as it can warm a bed. And in almost every case, it is the creativity of WOMEN that is being spotlighted.

And today, learning to quilt is so easy, you can learn enough to quilt a family heirloom in as little as TWO HOURS (or less!)


“After visiting my girl friend last month and seeing a beautiful quilt on her wall, I thought ‘Why not me? I could do that?’ So I set out to learn how to quilt. Well it turned out to be a little harder than I thought it would be. I did try it on my own at first and that was a big mistake. So then I looked around the web for something that would help me understand the right steps to follow. At first I tried a few free things but they were just to hard to follow along with. Then I came across your step by step course and knew that was what I needed to get the job done. Well, I now have a beautiful quilt on my wall that is the envy of all my friends. Thank you!”
Misty Marie Moore


Imagine the feeling of creating a treasure that will pass down generation to generation, to be appreciated for its beauty and its creator — YOU — even though they may never have known you in person.

In many ways making a quilt is easier than sewing a button on a blouse!

It’s true.  Even if you’ve never come closer to a quilt than on a bed or hanging on a wall, YOU CAN understand EVERYTHING YOU NEED to know, in SIMPLE, A-B-C, 1-2-3 Steps, in a matter of a few hours.

“I never imagined that I’d be able to do it myself. I knew nothing about quilting. Besides, I thought quilts were made by little old ladies in stuffy old attics. I’ve come a long way. And I am incredibly grateful for the journey!”

Even if you have never sewn a stitch, you can become proficient enough to make your first quilt within a few short days or weeks. All of the sewing is done with the simplest, straight-line stitches, the EASIEST, Most Basic settings on any machine

Even if you never even THOUGHT about making a quilt or never imagined you could, or wished you had taken it up while the women in your family who knew were still alive… you can discover this heirloom talent now, and be the one to pass it on to the next generation!

“My mother passed away a year ago and while I was cleaning out her home I found so many memories in photos and memorabilia and her beautiful quilts. This course has given me the opportunity to learn that craft.”

Telling History Through Quilts

Through the years, quilts cross time and generations, retelling our history. They tell of births, deaths, political views, of loving and caring people often in spite of hardships.  Quilts are the essence of the individual who created them, influenced by the culture and their everyday life.

No wonder the Homestead National Monument in Nebraska chose to display the history of our country’s growth visually through a “Quilting Trail”. Here’s a direct quote from the site:

“The history of America can be seen in the history of quilts. Stitched into these quilts is the rich heritage of thrifty self-sufficient women who helped homestead the land, the history of families sewn into quilts one patch or one stitch at a time, and the legacy of the art of quilting, passed on from generation to generation.” (www.nps.gov/home/planyourvisit/quilt-discovery-experience.htm)

“If you have ever wanted to quilt and did not know where to start then this step by step video course is for you. I was so thankful I got this course back in Oct of 2013. I wanted to give something special to my daughter in-law for Christmas. Her and my only son were married last spring. I wanted to give her something that she could have and to hopefully pass down to her children someday. That was a big part of why I got this course –thinking what a great gift it would be. You know, something I made with my own hands instead of something I just went out and bought. Anyway she is now the proud owner of a full size quilt and she loves it. All thanks to your video course.”
Marge Randazzo

Regardless of your skill level, your finished quilt will look like it was made by an experienced quilter.Your family and friends will be amazed at your creativity and skill and will treasure this new family heirloom (and probably ask you to share your new-found skill with them so they can learn to quilt, too!).  Just listen:

“I cannot explain the feeling I had every time I picked up this quilt to work on it. It was also my first quilt I hand quilted. I was sorry to have it finished and now I am working on a wall hanging for my sister. I never would have even gotten started until I picked up this video program and saw how easy it was.”

“While helping my mother-in-law clean a closet, she gave me a box. In it were the fabrics she and her mother-in-law had cut partially for a quilt, but had never assembled. She thought I would complete it. It required more decade fabric, but the journey helped us to find out the age of the quilt, which I did complete. The 3 generation quilt is approximately 68 years old!”

In our busy lives today most women work outside the home and have independent careers and incomes.  We run, run, run!  And if you have kids at home you wrestle with their care as well — practice, lunches, school meetings and more.  You may struggle finding ANY private moment for yourself, for recreation or a hobby that is YOURS.  You may not need extra side income and if you want to give someone a gift, it’s as simple as going online.  In fact, to some, giving a gift you make yourself is often considered less valuable than an expensive bauble from a name-brand.

Quilting is more than just a pastime.  Quilting is our legacy of great women before us and a powerful heritage to inspire our daughters and granddaughters.

Quilting is centering, time spent in peaceful, contemplation and expressing ourselves creatively.

Quilting is sharing together side-by-side, mother, daughter, grandmother, aunts…sharing our joys and pains, our struggles and our successes, and pouring all of our shared experiences into the art.

Quilting is discovering, about understanding the women in our family, who they were and the rich heritage we have been given.

Quilting is about life, about encapsulating in one single piece of art the lifetimes of an entire family.

Quilting is creativity, using scraps of cloth to create a masterpiece of color and design every bit as stunning as a stained glass window or a beautiful painting.

How Can You Discover This Amazing Craft So Quickly?  You And I Will Sit And Make A Quilt Together!

If you lived around the corner from me and  you wanted to learn, that’s exactly what we’d  probably do, right?  Just the two of us … talking, sharing, laughing, learning.  My passion to share this art is endless, but my time — not so much!

You could attend one of my well-known Quilting Made Simple Workshops like hundreds before you and I could show you the secrets I’ve learned and the fastest, easiest techniques so you could get started on your first quilt the very first day.

Recently some friends of mine had a brainstorm that opens the doors to anyone who yearns for a meaningful, creative way to express themselves this way, regardless of where you live or how tight your schedule.  We decided to video it all!

The resulting eight short videos are so intimate, so authentic and warm they feel like we’re just sitting together chatting, just the two of us, going through all the steps and explaining not just the “how” but the “whys” so you really understand the process — and before you know it, just a couple of hours later, we’re holding Your First FINISHED QUILT!

Your TOTAL time from beginning to end is Under TWO Hours!

We made these videos so that anyone, even women with absolutely full schedules, can fit them in.  Most are less than 15 minutes, and the longest is only 21 minutes.  This means you can get through them quickly and at your own pace in 8 short “chunks” of time.

You Will LOVE My Quilting Made Simple! Video Training Series!


…If you can use a Glue Stick,

If you can use a Ruler

If you can use a Marker Pen

With these simple videos, YOU CAN Make A Quilt!

 I’ve quilted for years, and this NEVER BEFORE Training is the MOST Personal, Direct, To-The-Point, Simplified And Easy-To-Follow You Will Ever Experience! 

It’s Worth Repeating:  Your ENTIRE Quilting Made Simple! Video  Series – All 8 Video Training “Chats” Together — Takes LESS Than TWO Hours!

YOU Simply CANNOT FAIL When You Follow These Amazingly Simple Lessons!  In Fact, I DOUBLE GUARANTEE It!

  PLUS I JUST ADDED an EXTRA Introductory Video covering the handful of key tools and materials you need to get started right away.  It takes less than you think — you’ll be amazed when you see for yourself!

THEN You Can Dive Right Into Your Other Videos — None Over 21 Minutes!  Move through them at your own pace and whatever time your schedule permits (Don’t you wish all training was this easy!?).  We quickly walk through every step for each stage of your quilt with simple A-B-C, 1-2-3 Demonstrations.   See for yourself:


  • Video 1:  Selecting Fabrics For Success 

    I take all the mystery out of knowing exactly how much fabric you need and how to pick the right fabrics so even YOUR First Quilt will be a masterpiece!  These tips will help you create the quilt you envision and make even your very first quilt a thing of beauty to be enjoyed for generations!

  • Video 2: Cutting And Marking Your Fabric  

    We Get Started Making YOUR First Quilt!  I’ll show you exactly where to begin, how to measure, cut and mark your fabric.  ALL The Pieces Magically End Up In Perfect Order so sewing your pattern is as simple as ABC-123!

  • Video 3: Sewing Your Blocks (Your Patchwork Design) 

    You’ll love the foolproof methods I share with you so your patterns come out perfect Your Very FIRST Time!  With system to make sure even if some of your squares are “less than perfect” your quilt will STILL come out perfectly beautiful!

  • Video 4: Layout Your Patterns 

    This is where it all starts coming together!  By the end of this video your quilt will be reflecting your vision and your personality, and you will be able to see the COMPLETED Patchwork design you made!

  • Video 5: How To “UNSew” & Adding Your Borders (Along the Edges) 

    Sometimes, once your quilt pattern is done, you may want to redo some part a little differently.  No Problem! You’ll LOVE my easy “UNSewing” technique ELIMINATES Stress and makes this a joyful activity!  Then, you get to create the “FRAME” for your masterpiece: the border!

  • Video 6: Making Your Quilt Sandwich (Adding the back and the batting) 

    If you can use a Glue Stick, you can join the back fabric to your beautiful front patchwork design, with the batting (the cushy part) in the middle.  Then you get to “Stitch the Ditch” and by the end of this video you’ll have “Built Your Quilt!”

  • Video 7: Finishing Touches   

    With the final binding around the outside edge YOU have completed your VERY FIRST Quilt!  Now step back and admire your handiwork (Feels GREAT, Doesn’t It!!)


  • Video 8: Your Treasured Family Heirloom

    Will you hang your masterpiece on your wall for all to see?  Or give it to close friend for her first child?  Maybe you’ll give it to your mother or grandmother, as a deeply personal expression of your love and appreciation for their love and guidance through the years.  Donate it to your favorite charity and watch as appreciative bidders raise their hands into the hundreds of dollars, showing their appreciation of your vision and creativity.  Or, use it for your own bed or those of your children, as a priceless heirloom they will cherish and enjoy and pass on through the generations, telling their children the story it holds and about the person who made it!

You get EVERY question answered in a common-sense, woman-to-woman way you’ll appreciate:

  • What equipment do I need and how easy is it set up? (very little, and very quickly!)
  • How do I pick the best quilting pattern for my first quilt? (how about one so easy, by the end of our training you’ll already have finished your first quilt!)
  • Where can I get the best quilting patterns? (I’ll take care of this part entirely!)
  • Should I use a traditional quilting pattern or a modern quilting pattern? (you can try out any that fit you and your personality… no limits once you know the basics I teach you!)
  • How should I pick fabrics and colors that complement each other? (I cover this completely in the very first video!)
  • What size quilt should I make and how do I measure the fabric? (I tell you how, I show you, then we put it all together, together!)


The list goes on and on, in an easy, conversational style that’s easy to follow, broken up into sensible “chunks” of time so you can fit it into your busy schedule, pausing along the way and Actually USING What You Learn To Make Your OWN Quilt!

Like You, I’ve seen online courses that charge $25 to $30 PER LESSON!  That would run over $200 for the information you get in Quilting Made Simple! Video Training sessions for a SINGLE Affordable Investment (for MUCH Less!).

With the growing popularity of quilting  all sorts of workshops have popped up that can cost $150, $200  or more, often without the specific, step-by-step “easy quilting” approaches I give you and requiring many more hours or even days of your time to learn.

  But You Can Get INSTANT ACCESS TO Quilting Made Simple! For A FRACTION Of This Today!  

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  •     Bonus 1: Click & Search Illustrated Guide To Quilting Lingo  

    Like every other type of art or craft, quilting has its own language, and in quilting almost all of the terms are best explained with a picture!  This easy to use Click & Search Illustrated Guide SHOWS YOU exactly what quilters are talking about when you read quilting books and patterns or get involved with a local quilting groups.  Sometimes we can hold ourselves back because we feel “left out” of the loop, and simply having a quick and easy way to pick up the lingo helps you overcome this obstacle and also help get “up to speed” faster!  Even as a $29 ebook it’s a bargain… but it’s My GIFT To You when you try “Quilting Made Simple” today.


  •         Bonus 2: Avoiding The Top 8 Mistakes (Other) Beginners Make 

    There are 8 Mistakes that most beginners make (those without the benefit of Quilting Made Simple!).  This Bonus Video will show you the simple ways to avoid things you might not think about like scissors (DON’T use them!) , the iron you use (NO steam!), tips to fabric grain and cutting techniques, and much more.  Just ONE of these mistakes could cost hours of work and wasted material… how much is it worth to AVOID These Mistakes Entirely? Probably more than $25 I’d say!  My Gift To You (you’ll see the savings on your very first quilt!)


  •    Bonus 3: Expert Interviews With Top Quilters 

     I LOVE hearing top Quilting Experts share their passion and success stories, and giving you a peek inside their unique perspective on quilting and their favorite patterns.   I’m giving you some really GREAT one-on-one audio interviews PLUS complete transcripts so it’s easy to follow along, make notes or go back to a key point later.  I’ve seen services that charge $49 or more a month for in-depth interviews like this… and I’m sending you THREE of the best I’ve heard.



  •   Bonus 4:   101 Patchwork Patterns 

    This is the famous “Quilters’ Bible,” the comprehensive anthology of quilting designs with easy-to-follow directions and  answers to the most common quilting questions.  You’ll find flower designs, rainbow designs, Irish chains, fish, bird, and leaf designs and dozens more… Over 140 Illustrations in all! If you can find a hardcover copy it’ll run about $40; even paperback or Kindle versions are around $9 or $10.  But the true value of this “insider” knowledge? Priceless!



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Our Money Back Guarantee

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100% Money Back

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“I remember as a girl sitting with my Nana in her sewing room and being enchanted by all of the colors in the room. My mother never took up quilting so when I saw the course I decided this would be a good way to start and reconnect with my Nana. Thank you for that. Now that I have finished my first quilt and given it to my granddaughter, I hope to start a long line of quilters. Thanks again! ”
Maria Salute
The Value Of A Single Quilt

In 1991 Sotheby’s sold a quilt from 1867 known as the “Reconciliation Quilt” for a whopping $264,000. While it was and is a record price for a quilt, it’s not uncommon for 19th and some 20th century quilts to command tens of thousands of dollars pretty consistently.

It’s been said in the days of slavery, women would weave symbols and messages into their quilts, showing fleeing slaves the safe houses to approach and the best paths to freedom, “hidden” in plain view on their clotheslines.  African American women added brilliant fabric and designs that originated in their backgrounds and memories from Africa.

In 2013 one of these rare quilts was appraised at $40-$60,000, equal to over a million 1800’s dollars.

More recently, art books and documentaries have been produced highlighting the women of Gees Bend, Alabama, site of a former plantation, who craft these quilts today. When Haiti was devastated in 2010, ten of their quilts were among some of the highest valued items auctioned for the relief efforts, attracting bids from $10,000 to $30,000 each.

In our Great Depression, women (like my Grand) made and sold quilts when there were no jobs, especially for women, and no safety net to help them feed their families.  So many used feed sack cloth for their materials that companies began printing beautiful designs on their bags of rice and flour and other staples, to get more women to buy theirs vs. their competitors!

Depression Quilts today carry prices of $500-$2000 and more, unimaginable riches to their makers!

Modern Amish quilts can fetch $500 to $1000 or more, and on any day you can find handmade quilts from women across the country selling from a $300-$500 to much more online depending on size and design. 

  Even a brand new quilter can earn hundreds of dollars… on your very first quilt!

Many women use quilting as a way to bring in extra money, fit around your own time schedule.  Quilting is craft that can be done in a few hours, or stretched out over days or even weeks — you just pick it back up where you left off!  Others have turned quilting into an artistic career, pushing the envelope on design and innovation and commanding thousands of dollars for each of their quilts, often with a waiting list of collectors.

However, most quilters today aren’t in it for the money, but for the creative outlet and relaxing hobby that quilting really is…and the beautiful results that make you beam with pride every time you look at your creation!

Why Would I Discount This Valuable Information To Such A Nominal Amount?

 Simple (And This Is My Only Request…)

I love helping other women discover this incredible treasure, our heritage, our legacy, the skill to create heirlooms that are practical, beautiful and have great personal as well as monetary value.  I love hearing about your success!  And often, other women who may be a little less decisive and unsure can be given the confidence they need by simply seeing how other women have done.

So when you have finished your first quilt, take the time to send me your picture and your comments on your triumph, and how Quilting Made Simple! helped you discover this fabulous new world of creativity and expression.  Or better yet, pull out your digital camera and send me a video sharing all this and SHOWING OFF YOUR First Quilt Yourself!

You won’t be a novice anymore, and hearing your honest impression as a beginning quilter, and how you see advancing with more quilts in the future, will help hundreds of others see how they can achieve the same results in their lives, too!

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Kelly Hanson

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 Quilts As A Social Message

Do you care deeply about a social issue, or hold some charity near to your heart?  Quilting provides an amazing way TODAY to deliver a powerful message, encourage others to become involved or to simply raise awareness or money for a valuable cause.  And quilts and quilting have a LONG History of activism and being the catalyst for change!

Even when denied a voice in politics, an education or any way to express themselves outside of their home, our forewomen still had their own minds, thoughts and ideas and would not be silenced.  Quilting became the most powerful outlet they could not only express themselves and chronicle the life of their family and community, it gave them a way to make an important contribution to their world and effect powerful social changes.

Women intentionally used quilting to promote social causes, protest injustices and engage in political activism through the years.  In fact, while politicians argued and generals fought wars, it was often these great women who brought about meaningful change, and they did it through their quilts.

We’ve already seen how women made quilts to address abolition, including actively assisting runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad, and how women quilted blankets for soldiers story_quiltin need. Quilts were also use to promote other great movements like temperance and women’s suffrage, both to raise public awareness and to generate funds for all of these causes.

Generations of suffragettes used quilts to push their message and achieve the passing of the 19th Amendment, granting all women the right to vote. In 1907 women were still prohibited from voting, yet the Women’s Christian Temperance Union had 350,000 members, thousands of whom quilted a pattern known as the Drunkard’s Path to protest alcohol and abuse using the Temperance Union colors of blue, signifying water, and white for purity.  While the prohibition of alcohol by law proved ineffective, the social damages of alcohol are still factors affecting homes today. Some historians believe more quilts were made for this cause than for any other.

With every quilt I sew I pay a debt of gratitude to these great foremothers and honor their efforts to make their voices heard through the generations.  As I quilt with my daughters and granddaughters, I pass on this heritage to inspire future generations of strong women.

The AIDS Quilt

“Cause Quilting” has become a major force in today’s world as well.  Founded in 1987, the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt is the largest piece of community folk art in the world and weighs over 54 tons.  Over 48,000 3′ x 6′ sections, each individually sewn, memorialize a loved one who has died from AIDS. To bring the magnitude of this quilt into perspective, a Microsoft app allows you to see each panel, but warns there are so many it will take a solid month to view them all!

Normally displayed in 12 x 12 (8 sections) quilts around the country to raise awareness, in 2012 ALL of the hand-sewn panes were displayed in Washington DC, covering the mall and spreading over into 50 different locations. This amazing, ongoing quilt project was nominated for the Nobel Prize, and in 2005 this enduring symbol was designated an “Official American Treasure.”

The AIDS Quilt has inspired dozens of other memorial quilts to raise awareness, keep remembrance and engage participation, including the September 11 Quilts, KIA (Killed In Action) Memorial Quilt, Breast Cancer, Huntington’s Disease and hundreds more.

Prisoners Quilts 

Every day, inmates in prisons across the country turn out hundreds of quilts, often using old prison uniforms and donated materials. Their quilts are donated to needy families, battered women’s’ shelters, homeless organizations and many other charities for distribution or fundraising.

The inmates get nothing , other than the emotional satisfaction;  no “time off” or other benefits.  Yet they say it gives them a different perspective on themselves, a sense of purpose and self-worth, that they find quilting is healing and restorative.  All of them see quilting as a way of giving back, of doing something worthwhile, of creating beauty and value and experiencing what it feels like to help, to enrich the lives of others — people they never meet – people who need and appreciate what they create.  Isn’t that the essence of what quilting offers us all?  I’m thankful everyday that I discovered this truth and have been blessed with all of these benefits as a result of something I find joy in doing:  quilting.


Whether you quilt for pleasure, for extra income, for a cause or to create a work of beauty and art;  Whether you quilt to give a work of love as a gift, as a treasured heirloom for your family, or to memorialize some person or event in your life…

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