How to quilt making a quilting block

Making A Quilting Block with how to quilt.

Anyone who knows how to quilt will understands the importance of getting your quilting blocks just right.Quilting Blocks

For quilting beginners a quilting block is a patch of material which when sewn with other blocks forms the top layer of your quilt.

At Quilting Quest we have provided this simple guide to teach you how to make quilting blocks easily and quickly, without hassle or any frustration. Many of our  experienced quilters  have helped with these steps.

The first recommendation that will help you make better quality, quilting blocks, is by using a method called paper piecing. This has been referred to as “quilting by numbers” due to the ease at which quilting blocks can be designed.

Steps For Making A Quilting Block Steps For Making A Quilting Block

  1. Choose the design for your quilt and print separate paper parts of the image. Use thin paper if possible.
  2. Lay the paper on to your chosen fabric. Number each piece of paper as this will make sewing easier.
  3. Cut your fabric so that it covers each image on the paper.
  4. Begin to sew each block in number order.

This method for constructing a quilting block is called both English paper piecing and foundation piecing.

  • Here is a step by step guide to making a quilting block with out paper.
  • Choose a backing fabric, a batting layer and your top fabric
  • Cut each piece of fabric into a 4.5 inch square. Be accurate and use a rotary cutter and cutting mat.
  • You now should have a selection of 4.5 inch squares.constructing a quilting block
  • Pin or Baste all 3 layers together.
  • Neatly sew in straight lines, starting from 1 corner.
  • Sew all sides. Then re-do all the stitching to provide a strong long lasting finish.
  • Repeat for each quilting block.
  • Once you have finished sewing all blocks together then you can begin to add bordered and other forms of decoration.



Making A Quilt


Two Nine Patch Quilt Block Made From Two Square by Billie Lauder

You can get this book at amazon:For more information on making a quilting block click here!

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