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 Many quilters love sharing and learning new Quilting Patterns. This page is dedicated to beautiful quilting patterns, which can be used for both decorative quilts and comfy and usable quilts.

Quilting Patterns

When choosing the quilt patterns there are numerous factors that you should consider!

The first factor that you should consider when choosing a patchwork quilt pattern is your level of skill. There is little point choosing a design that is is very complex. If you are new to quilting. Like wise, a very simple quilt pattern may not challenge you if you have made hundreds of quilts. Try to choose a design and pattern that is suitable for your level of skill.

The next factor to consider, when choosing a pattern for your quilt is the intended use of the quilt you make. Do you intend to use the quilt on your own bed or sofa? Or is the quilt intended for decorative use?

Some patchwork quilt patterns are very suitable for functional use and others are suitable for decorative use. Other designs work well with both decorative and functional quilts. Choose a pattern carefully as the end result can be affected by this choice.

The third factor that many of our community consider when choosing a quilting pattern is the fabrics that they will use for the  top layer, batting and backing layer. Some fabrics will make choosing the correct pattern easy, whilst other fabrics may make the quilting process more difficult and time consuming.

Share Your Quilting Patternsbeginner filler designs Quilting Patterns

As a community we all help and share our beautiful quilting patterns. This way you may see one design that our members have shared, and decide that you would like to make a quilt using that design

We encourage you to share your designs and quilt patterns and feel free to choose patterns from here for  your own personal use. Contact us today to share your wonderful quilting patterns!

Custom Designed Quilting PatternsCustom Designed Quilting Patterns

Here at Quilting Quest we can also design a custom quilt pattern for you. Our designers are experienced quilters, who have years of experience of designing stunning quilts!

Whether you require an easy quilting pattern or a very complex custom made design. Our expert quilters are here to help you. All of our custom made quilting patterns are designed around your requirements!

All quilt designs are custom made, using freestyle non computer aided design. This ensures that your quilting pattern is unique, custom designed and of the highest quality.


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