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 Here at Quilting Quest, we aim to help you develop your quilting skills, but what is quilting?

Quilting has two meanings, The first is the making of a quilt and the second meaning is the sewing of patches (quilting blocks ) to form a quilt. Normally most quilts are made from 3 separate layers of fabric, the backing layer, the batting and the top layer.

Backing material for  quiltingwhat is quilting Backing material for  quilting

Backing material called the backing layer is often made from various materials such as cotton or muslin. The material should be slightly larger than the quilt you are making. Normally the backing layer of a quilt is one whole piece of material or fabric,  However you can make the backing material from left over pieces sewn together.

Batting Layer Of a Quilt

 what is quilting Backing BattingTop

The batting layer is the material that provides your quilt with insulation. There aremany kinds of batting that can be used. The two most commonly used batting material is High batting and low batting.

  • High batting provides a thicker , softer quilt feel. However this kind of insulation is slightly more difficult to sew.
  •   Low batting is thinner and provides less insulation but is much easier to sew.

 what is quilting Top Layer Of a Quilt

The top layer of a quilt is made up with separate quilting blocks (also called patches). This layer derives the name patchwork quilt. Many custom designs can be hand quilted  or machine sewn. Your imagination limits the design options of your quilt.

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Quilters (people like me and you who make quilts) can choose to either hand quilt or machine quilt.

For both methods the process is similar.

Choose a design for your patchwork quilt.what is quilting material for  quilting
Make numerous quilting blocks,
Sew material together.
Add batting and backing layer
Sew all layers together.


Types of quiltswhat is quilting Types of quilts

By understanding what is quilting we can begin to understand what different kinds of quilting is available to you. Our community makes many different kinds, ranging from decorative to functional, from simple patterns to elaborate and complex.


American Quilts And European Quiltswhat is quilting American Quilts

This style of quilting was established around the 19th century but used whole sections of fabric rather than separate quilting blocks. The quilts use quality needle work and resemble modern day bedding.

Many quilters use this style of quilting today,with both quilting blocks and whole materials.

With this style of quilting it is not uncommon to have no batting layer, this makes these style of quilts less warm and perfect for decorative or limited summer bedding.

It is also not uncommon for American quilts to use a process called appliqué where smaller patches of material are sewn on top of the quilt to provide decoration or different textures.

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